Interview with Forsakken

Ab Aeterno

Ab Aeterno is a Gothic Metal band with Progressive and Power Metal elements from Argentina

Our Own Closure                         

Image Via Bandcamp by Ab Aeterno

While they are labeled gothic metal, I would say that there are both power and progressive metal elements to the band. The band started back in 2007 and released a 3 song EP “Red Illusion.” Finally, in 2014 they released their first album titled “Our Own Closure.” This little-known album is a treasure for those who discover it. The musicianship is superb. The vocals are a little operatic but very accessible. A Tarja Tururan fan may like this album; however, even if you are not a fan of Tarja but like female fronted metal check out this album. The first two songs are straight up power metal songs before they delve into the more gothic style “The Damn.” Then they punch you in the face with “What is Faith.” Their fifth song is a remake of “You Can Win If You Want” originally done by Modern Talking. Ab Aeterno’s version of this song is much better IMO. The ballad “Back to Myself” is an emotional power ballad, and the other cover on the album is Dream Theater’s “These Walls.” I believe this is a solid album, give it a try.