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Inerview With Kayla Krantz

Interview by N. A. Foy - September 2016

After reading "Dead by Morning" by Kayla Krantz I asked her to do an interview. I found it to be a good read and here is the interview.

NF: So I have recently finished reading your novel "Dead by Morning" which I really enjoyed. I am curious as to how long you have been writing. Did you start off writing stories, or something else like poetry?

KK: I've been writing pretty much since I learned how lol. I wrote short stories a lot as a kid, mostly about creepy things like haunted houses and mummies. I had a brief bit of time in high school where I wrote poetry, but i was never really good at it. I've always loved novels. I wrote my first one when I was 15 and got the idea for Dead by Morning not too long after that.

NF: Some authors put a lot of themselves into their central characters. Do you feel that you relate to Luna in many ways?

KK: Yes and no. For me, my personality was split pretty evenly between Luna and Chance. For Luna, I share in her need to excel and to be a loner. But with Chance I have that feeling that I'm different from everyone else and that I stand out in a bad way at times. His need to rebel against society, against the people that hurt him is something I've experienced quite often.

NF: So it seems that the main characters kind of present a bit of a duality of good and evil. However, it kind of reminds me of the Yin Yang which some believe represents a little good in evil and a little evil in good. Are you hoping that your readers have at least a vague sense of compassion toward Chance?

KK: Yes! Definitely. He struggles with what he does throughout the book, and copes with it through alcoholism. I'm hoping by showing these scenes, the readers understand that Chance isn't completely evil, but that he forces himself to do what he believes to be necessary. In the same idea, I want readers to know that Luna isn't 100% innocent either. She's bitter, and at times, selfish. No one's perfect, and everyone has voices of good AND bad raging inside of them. What kind of person you turn out to be depends on which one you decide to listen to.

NF: You have developed some excellent characters. Even the secondary characters like Violet and Amy are quite interesting. How long of a time was it when you first thought of the idea for the book to when you were able to get it published?

KK: I got the idea for this book back in middle school though then it was just a short story roughly entitled DreamWorld in which Luna was named Emma and Chance was named Jacob. The first time it was a novel was when I hit high school, around sixteen years old. My characters were all based off of people I knew around that time. I've been refining and rewriting ever since then. I'm twenty-two now, so it's been about six years to get it perfect.

NF: Speaking of getting it perfect. I couldn't help to notice the editing was well done. Do you edit it yourself or do you hire someone to do the editing?

KK: I'm an editor myself, but for this book, I had an editor named Crystal M M Burton do both the editing and formatting. She's a wonderful writer, editor, and person. She polished up my manuscript and made Dead by Morning a hundred times better with her insight.

NF: It is always hardest editing your own work so that is good you were able to have it edited. "Dead By Morning" is the first in a series. Do you know how many books total will be in the series?

KK: When I first started, I wanted to make it a trilogy, but then I thought it would be good for it to have a prequel too. Now, it's looking something like a nine book series.

NF: Wow, nine books is a lot. However, I think you have a really good story going? Do you ever hope to get your book on screen?

KK: I have quite a few ideas of where I can go with the series. Right now, I'm working on books five and six at the same time since book five is an add on of the prequel and book six continues where book three left off. I think it would be incredible to see my books on the big screen, but I think with the way I write, they would make a better television series than movie. Sort of like Pretty Little Liars or Dexter.

NF: A TV series would be good. Perhaps 1 book per season. There seem to be many TV series that have 9 seasons. How about some favorites. What is your favorite color? Number? Foods? Movie(s)? Book(s)? Aerobic Exercise? Or any other favorites you want to mention?

KK: My favorite color is black, number 7, and food pizza. My all time favorite movie is the 1988 dark humor piece named Heathers. It's what I drew some inspiration for Dead by Morning from. My favorite book is The Dark Half by Stephen King. My favorite quote is "What's normal to the spider is chaos to the fly," by Morticia Addams.

NF: Where do you hope to be 5 years from now? 10 Years?

KK: In five years from now, I hope to have at least half of my series released and a decent fanbase. In ten years, I hope to be considered a professional writer, making enough money off of my work to support a comfortable living for me and my family.

NF: Finally, what is the primary "life message" that you want to send to your fans through your writing and your example as a person? Is there anything else that you would like to add?

KK: Through my writing, I want to get across the idea that no one is perfect. Everyone has secrets flaws, and to never let your guard down if your gut insists there is something wrong with a person. That feeling is there for a reason. Never forget that.
Also, I wanted to say thank you for hosting this interview!
To all my readers, Chance salutes you!