Interview with Forsakken

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Welcome to Minerva's Portal. The site is still being worked on all the time and there is new stuff being added daily.  I'm focused on getting as many female fronted metal (FFM) bands up as I can eventually having the largest database on the net for FFM.  If you want to check out some of the best and most well known female fronted metal bands plus bands suggested by Minerva's Portal Go to Favorite Picks .  So far there is a large list of bands and I am slowly adding albums as I go. I also interview bands, sometimes the full band, sometimes just one member.  So far I have interviews from such vocals as Aline Happ of Lyria and Marketa Morávková of Alia Tempora. I hope to continue to expand on the interviews.  There are individual band pages of bands I like such as Iron Maiden and Epica .  Also, check out my blog .  Suggestions are always helpful and you can E-mail me at [email protected]